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How She Did It is the #1 Female Talent Platform in Myanmar that specializes in up-skilling women with 21st century workplace skills and connecting them to economic opportunities.

Our Vision

"Powering Myanmar with Female Talent."

Message from Our Founder


Nang Ei Ei Mon

Founder & CEO

Nang Ei Ei Mon is the founder and CEO of How She Did It, the first Female Talent Platform in Myanmar, that specializes in up-skilling women professionals and connecting them to inclusive employers. Borm and raised in Shan State, Myanmar, Nang spent over a decade of her life living in California where she received her education in Natural Science and Kinesiology. Nang’s diverse experience working in domestic violence counseling, healthcare research, product training, digital marketing and mothering a spirited child adds unique value to building How She Did It community that brings together all stakeholders for women’s economic empowerment in Myanmar.


Passionate about words, Nang writes about the twists and turns women in Myanmar face in balancing ambition and womanhood. Nang also shared her passion for women’s economic empowerment by speaking about it at TEDxYangon 2018, Women in Business and Leadership Conference and Telenor’s Unstoppable Day.


When not working, Nang can be seen exploring Yangon with her toddler daughter.

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