Employer – How She Did It

The #1 Female Talent Platform in Myanmar where talented women are introduced to Inclusive Employers.

How we do it?

Untapped Pool of Talent

Through our Career Jumpstart Program and Digital Bootcamp, we attract and develop women who took extended career break to be competent professionals, and connect directly to employers that provide inclusive workplace, career growth and flexible work arrangement.

Business Acumen

We believe that the best candidates are the ones who get the business. As part of our vetting process, we prepare candidates to understand about the nature of the business, its vision and how their role fits into the bigger picture.


Our candidates don't come to our platform just to look for the job. They are part of our community that provides them with continuous learning opportunities, networking and economic opportunities. Hiring our candidate can ensure career development of your team.

Corporate Learning Programs

Our range of seminars and workshops, including our popular one hour Lunch & Learn sessions ideal for the lunchtime slot, provide vital support and information to assit working parents in managing work and family needs. They cover each life stage and career transition point an employee will experience on their working parent journey, including:


  • Thriving mothers

  • Preparing for parental leave

  • Returning to work & reconnecting

  • Managing and advancing in your career as a working mother/parent

  • Care & wellbeing for you and your family

Speaker Bureau

Our experienced, informed and engaging Speakers Bureau representatives are available to speak present or moderate at forums where working parent and family friendly policies are on the agenda, including conferences, in-house training and events and panel discussions.
Designed and delivered from both an employers and employees perspective, example topics include:


  • Preparing for returning to work after career break
  • Supporting working parents
  • Work-life integration
  • Attracting, developing and retaining female talent
  • Women in leadership
  • Unconscious bias
  • Mentorship for women
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Gender equality in the home and at work

Our Favorite Inclusive Employers